Remember this van? Yeah, the one Torchinsky wrote about earlier this month. With Spock, and boobies. Well, the story got a lot more interesting today.

Danny Michel is not only a Canadian indie musician, but a certified space geek. He's written a bunch of songs about science-fictiony topics, he's played with and interviewed Chris Hadfield at folk festivals... and now he wants to buy the Star Trek van and tour with it.

According to this Facebook post, Michel is trying to work his way through the bureaucracy of touring a British Columbia-based van back into Ontario and certified.

I had this great idea to tour back and film a travelling web based music show in it. Like "School Night Mondays" on the road…from a Star Trek van. (and yes I had some amazing guests already). But…I have to get an appraisal and safety IN Ontario. Since the van is out west and a BC appraisal and safety don't qualify you get a 10 day travel permit. This is fine but makes it impossible to take my time touring back and filming this show. They calculate your KM and give you just enough days to make it. If I buy the van in BC (which I don't think I can without a BC license and residence) I have to get a BC appraisal, safety, insurance, plates and pay BC tax on it. After I drive it back to Ontario, I have to get an ON appraisal, safety, insurance, plates and pay red book value ON tax on it I again (even though no money has changed hands). Remember, this is all in the same country! I

Is there a Jalop out there who can help Danny Michel slash through the red tape? I'm sure he'd slip you a few comps if he's playing in your area.

And for your listening pleasure, a little "Into the Light":