Watching Alien last night I learned 3 things

1. This movie only gets better the more you watch it

2. The Yutani Corporation (“The Company”) had by this time developed engines capable of warp 4.5. According to sources the cruise speed of the 88b Bison was .42 lightyears/day and that translates to roughly 153x the speed of light, which in the star trek universe is ~ warp 4.5. Nice going Yutani!

2a. The sad discovery that we aint never leaving the galaxy because even at 153x C it would still take over 13,000 YEARS to reach the Andromeda Galaxy (next closest). Even assuming warp 9.3 (the fastest I can recall the enterprise ever going...equiv. to 2010 x C) it would still take a millennium to reach Andromeda.

3. Prometheus was a letdown