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Spacelopnik: NASA hiring Astronaut candidates for Artemis missions

Exciting! I can think of a few roles I could fill:

  • Human Cargo Ballast Simulation Specialist
  • Oxygen Generation System Tester - High Consumption
  • In-Flight Food and Beverage Service Evaluator
  • Intercom System High-Decibel Input Intern - Launch Phase
  • Intercom System High-Decibel Input Intern - Re-entry Phase
  • Random Erroneous Manual Control Input Facilitator
  • Astronaut Inner-Garment Layer (Lower) Bio-emission Self-inspector
  • In-cabin Ventilation System Filtration Device Destructive Tester - Senior Level
  • Personnel Consumables Evaluator - Post-expiration-term Supplies
  • Crew Psycological Stress Simulator - Continuous Exposure
  • Human Coitus Malfunction Engineer - Mid-career

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