In McGregor, Texas, just outside of Waco, SpaceX's F9R rocket blew up during a test flight due to an internal "anomaly" that triggered an automatic self-destruct system. The good news: the fail safes worked. The bad news: the fail safes detonated a rocket hovering above CENTRAL TEXAS, not the Gulf of Mexico.

Little is known about the said anomaly that caused the accident (if you want to call it that, because I would rather call it a purposeful explosion), and the company tells us that they will be analyzing the Falcon 9's black box to figure out what the problem was. Elon Musk went to twitter for a preliminary explanation: "Rockets are tricky." Yes, Mr. Musk. They certainly are.

Hopefully soon, SpaceX's new digs in Cameron County, Texas, will be ready. This site would be right beside the Gulf, which would be a great location for future rockets to explode. They have just been given a 10 year tax exemption for the new site, and an additional $13 Million from the state for moving to Texas. Perhaps incidents like this won't be viewed by neighbors sitting in their backyard as debris rains down near them in South Texas.