EDIT #6 - Launch scrubbed for the night, damn....better safe than sorry though! Keep your eyes and ears open for next launch attempt in the coming weeks (hopefully! - no alternate launch dates set yet!)! :)

EDIT #5 - Tanks depressurized - launch currently aborted, but launch NOT scrubbed for this evening YET - updates pending. Launch aborted due to negative telemetry from Launch Computers during countdown sequence - launch stopped at essentially T - 00m, 00s. Potential Launch Window closes in 51 minutes as of 8:30pm Atlantic Standard Time.


EDIT #4 - Launch aborted at T-00 mins, 00 secs. Unknown reasons at this time.

EDIT #3 - Here we go! :D

EDIT #2 - Launch was on hold - naval vessel fouling precautionary launch range for SES-9 - countdown has JUST restarted for a 8:21/8:22pm Atlantic Standard Time launch.


EDIT #1 - Livestream started now!

Hi fellow Oppos! Not cars, no, but Space vehicles are still pretty awesome in my books! :D

For those of you wanting to watch SpaceX’s next attempt at a sea barge landing, they will be having another launch this evening and the livestream is just coming up now! Hit te link and join me in watching it - could potentially be history in the making! :D


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