Why did I only discover this today? This is the Corvette Shooting Brake that everyone wants! (Except it's Italian and not really a shooting brake...sorta) Based on the C6 chassis, it produces around 600 hp, does 0-60 in around 3-4 seconds, and looks sorta like the mating of the Batmobile and the modern Stratos. Anyways, the only reason I found out about it was by playing around on 3Dt, where all a manner of stupid alterations can be made... (No pic, cuz 3Dt was being stupid, but you can see an infinite number of them in the gallery if you search "svs")

But here's the real thing, and damn, it looks pretty good despite obvious Vette cues (B pillar, ahem)


Convertible Monza sister car

(Images property of respective sources since Kinja is not letting me post a link...)


And Jalop article about it back in '08, when it was released...