Ive got no clue how professionals wire things up but heres how this is getting done.

Srep 1.) Twist the all the wires together

Srep 2.) Bind them in the length you want

Srep 3.) Verify they all function properly(probably test start)

Srep 4.) Untwist and pull the wire taught then crimp at the right length, repeat until loom is fully crimped.


Srep 5.) Hope.

At least that’s how the last harness went, everything worked but building the MS harness into the factory loom was a mistake.

Ended up using an individual power wire for everything which was deeply unnecessary. Still need to wire in all the temp sensors aswell as cam/crank.


Decided on another 350z 6 speed, this one with 120k was only $440. That being said I drove 6 hours each way to get it, and it wasnt drained of oil until it did in my trunk. Next expensive purchase will be the adapter setup to the tune of 2k

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