So I finally got my orders (military equivalent of being hired) for Spain!

And since Kinja is so amazing that it deems me unable to post pictures, just imagine a picture of a Hellcat doing a sweet burnout! So, first thing will have to be first. I need a car. Yes, I’ll have my Explorer with me but I need something sporty. Two doors preferred and rear wheel drive. I’ll consider an all wheel drive if it’s an unmolested Audi Sport Quattro but I’m not assuming I’ll find that. What other awesomeness will be available to me because that second thing, is going to Catalunya. Yup. I’m going to live out my dream of actually going to a track.

I can’t wait. Two years in Spain (or really all of Europe) for me and my wife and two kids all paid for my the Air Force. I have to hit all of the tracks I can. My daughter will love it!


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