Spam Bots are Learning to Kinja...

I think Oppo might have some influence on how the bots learn. Which R5 do you think one would buy on a ~$120k a year budget? Or are they saying they spent their entire earnings of $7937 on the car? Some possibilities:

  • LeCar? Probably not (though I do like them in a quirky sense), even a $2500 example brought a CP decision.
  • Imported R5 Turbo rally car? Yes please! Though this may take a large part of annual income even at that rate...
  • Alpine or Gordini? Turbo? Still a little boring for my taste.
  • Express? Van man says yes!

Additional questions: Who is Dawn? Who is Elizabeth? Which R5 would you have? Could a 3 car all-R5 garage satisfy you? Do you work at net-jobs25?

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