Sparco Sprint/PCI Race Mount. Install and Review.

Sparco Sprint. PCI One Piece Super Low Race Mount.

Parts needed:

Sparco Sprint Seat

PCI Race Mount

4x Grade 8 8mm x 1.25mm (20-25mm long) bolts

4x Corresponding oversized washers


Rachet/wrench set

Common sense


First off let me just say that the mount and seat are both fantastic quality. Seat is a fire retardant fabric that seems decenty durable. It may fade or wear in time... we shall see. The PCI mount is a one piece design allowing for lighter steel to be used while not sacrificing rigidity. It seems to be very rigid. The bracket and seat do not come with bolts, so you will need to supply your own for mounting the seat to the bracket and reuse the factory bolts for mounting the bracket to the floor. Do not ignore bolt grade. Get grade 8!

Removing the seat is very straightforward. I had one bolt attaching the slider rail with the belt buckle on it that took a good amount of strength to remove. But I won’t cover removal. You’ll be fine. It is a good time to also vacuum you carpet!

At this point, test fitting the bracket you will notice that it will not fit. At all. So this is where the hammer comes in. Note the area of the transmission tunnel in the front passenger side that is in the way. Take hammer and begin bashing it in. I tried with a rubber mallet at first, but it did nothing for me. A regular hammer will work just fine. You have to be somewhat accurate with your bashing, stopping to check fitment until you’ve got a flush mount.


It fits! Note that you will have most likely bashed a rip in your carpet and insulation. Whatever. You won’t see it. If this would bother you maybe try a larger rubber mallet or some kind of padding. Either way now you will tighten down the bracket before fitting the seat to it.


Let me backtrack for a moment though to explain my factory seatbelt mounting solution. **This is for 94-97 (NA8) Miatas only.** I initially planned on using PCI’s supplied adapter which would have me drilling a hole in my floor and attaching it to that hole and the seat mount bracket. This bracket did not fit as is and I elected to not rip up my carpet hammering in the transmission tunnel anymore. If you want to do this you will need to make sure you move wires out of the way (I think the wires are for rear defrost). Anyways, I see no issues with my simpler solution.

Back to installing seat to mount. In my car I used the second to last bottom hole in the rear and second to last/second from bottom hole in the front. This got me as far back as I could go and is a comfortable seating position as well. At this point the wrenching begins!


Now comes in your choice of 20mm or 25mm bolts. I went with 25 cause I was thinking I wanted the strongest hold. This choice had a drawback. Putting these bolts in between the seat and transmission tunnel was just barely possible. But after some creative finger threading, I managed to get them in and tightened them with a box wrench.


That’s it! After threading your factory seatbelt or racing harness through the seat you can get in and enjoy your new low view! Adjust your mirrors! They will be much more important now as looking behind you is not much of an option. Yeah it’s that much lower. It’s awesome.


After living with it for a day getting in and out of car is even less dignified than before. So get used to that or consider a quick release wheel (I am looking them now). All in all after some slight modification I have an ideal seat height and feel much more secure and safe in my car. I won’t hit my head on the roll bar now in the event of a crash. That piece of mind alone is worth it for sure.

If you have any questions, comment below!

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