Spark initial review

We got 4 of these little buggers at work this week. I have been flying it a lot since. My initial impressions:

Setup - Holy hell this is bad. It took me over an hour and a call to tech support. Its the way you are required to activate it that is the issue: scan the code, code doesn’t scan. Connect to remote via wifi, you have to be connected to the internet to continue. Etc, etc.


Finally got “poo” registered and flying. (it was initially called “bubbles” but was changed to “poo” on the 37th attempt to register it)

Flying - Its pretty good. The onboard controls keep it from doing things it ought not to but the controls aren’t as linear as I would like (light touch...nothing...slightly less light touch...FULL SPEED AHEAD!)

In sport mode its a manic little puppy, for better or worse. The braking feature is terrifying but it hasn’t wrecked itself so I guess it knows what its doing. In wide open spaces sport mode is fun, in tighter quarters its BAD NEWS. Easy to overshoot your target and super twitchy, plus the extreme maneuvers mean you have lots of play in the precision of where it ends up.

The real pain is the 2 speed jump - standard is slow but accurate, sport is fast and manic. There needs to be some middle ground, like a speed limit knob on the controller to dial in max speed on the fly.


Truthfully with the remote its not at all hard to fly, just feels a little disconnected compared to others I’ve flown.

Images - Seem to be pretty good, exceptional for the size of camera. Like amazing given the size of the camera. That being said, its no pro drone. Great for hobby use, good enough for cutaways in pro use. I haven’t really used the footage in anything yet so the jury is still out.


Quality - Seems well put together, really sturdy and well thought out. Nothing to break but the blades really. The controller is high quality and the batteries are tough enough to take a beating.

Ease of use - Not...amazing. Once you get it up and running its pretty good, but wifi dropouts can be common and its annoying to connect to and use your phone as a screen. I prefer all in one units like Yuneec. It is relatively easy to get up and going though once you know the rythum; you still have to make a effort, its not run and gun, but its pretty quick.


Battery life - Meh. maybe 12 minutes each. Get lots of batteries. I guess I shouldn’t complain given the size and ability but I still will.

Overall - A neat little toy thats priced well and has a lot going for it. A gopro for the sky.

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