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Spark Plug Question

Can re-gapping spark plugs cause a noticeable change in engine dynamics?

I re-gapped the spark plugs on my car, and I took it for a short test drive to make sure I hadn’t screwed anything up too bad. Far from screwing things up, it seemed like I had made the engine much more responsive. It seems to rev more promptly when I hit the pedal, and I was able to get it to 5k easily (which I normally can’t). Also the OBD-II scanner told me that the fuel rate when I’m coasting along with no pedal input was slightly higher than I remember it being (0.23-0.25 gal/hr vs 0.20-0.22).

Could correcting the gaps make the firing better enough that the engine zippier and uses a bit more fuel for each combustion? Or am I making this all up?


I am gonna try a single-blind experiment by not telling the missus and seeing if she says anything.

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