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Speaking of Drinking

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Last year for Women’s History Month Johnnie Walker released a Limited Edition whisky named Jane Walker. If ever there was an example of a good idea with a bad execution, this was it.


It was just a re-label. It says much about Johnnie Walker’s parent company Diageo and their motives when all they were willing to do was some graphic design work.

If it had to be a re-label I think it would have been better placed on another of their whiskys. Nothing against Black Label, but if a smoky whisky was their goal, move it upmarket a bit and use Double Black. If a non-smoky whisky was the goal, use the Gold Label or 18 Year Old.


It was a “Limited Edition” by name only as 250,000 bottles were produced. To put this in perspective, it’s at around the 100,000 bottle mark were one can walk into any liquor store and find it on the shelves. Total marketing wank.

There is good news though. It appears the online backlash has been heard and there will be a new Jane Walker whisky.

Illustration for article titled Speaking of Drinking

It’s a unique whisky blended by Johnnie Walker team member Emma Walker (no relation the Johnnie). It’s not only moved upmarket, but it’s also a Blended Malt meaning it contains no grain whisky (like their Green Label). It’ll have a 10 year age statement too. Check, check, check, and...check.

Jane Walker by Johnnie Walker is a blend highlighting Cardhu single malt with notes of fresh orchard fruit, hints of sweet cream and a dark chocolate finish.


Numbers of bottles and price have not yet been announced but I suspect it’ll be close to Green Label in price. Look for another March release to coincide with Women’s History Month. I for one will be grabbing this one blind.

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