Where the fuck is it?

Last year's coverage caught a lot of people off guard, as it wasn't always on NBCSN. (to be fair, Fox/Speed spread it out too, but there were fewer networks to look for it)

Here in the US, we expected most of the 2013 footage (practice, quali, pre-race, race, and post-race + replays) be on NBCSN, with a few races on NBC. However, they surprised us by putting some of it on CNBC when we least expected it. I used to scan my local listings, TVGuide, as well as all the NBC networks last year, and there was some footage I just couldn't find. I think it was one race that NBC had, and the qualifying was no where to be found. I'm assuming it was growing pains, but still frustrating that some footage has to be hunted down.

Now into their second year, I would love to see where they plan on putting every minute of it so we can plan accordingly.

Here are the races c/o NBCSN. Where is the rest of it?

Edit, here is the schedule for this weekend.