Speaking of garages ...

A philosophical question for Oppo:

It is well established that folks around here appreciate good architecture.

For obvious reasons, we all love a good garage as well.

So, would Oppo buy an ugly, vinyl sided, slab on grade ranch house, completely devoid of all architectural thought ... To have a 4-car detached AND a 2+ car attached garage?


Pretty great, right?

But that house ... Woof!

It is actually pretty nice on the inside, and there is a really nice back patio too.

Linky: https://www.zillow.com/homedetails/2N302-Swift-Rd-Lombard-IL-60148/4393130_zpid/


Bonus points: it’s on a busy road too.


We’re not actually considering moving, and I cannot afford this anyways ... But I might go for it. Actually, the worst thing about it to me, is that it’s slab on grade ... Bleh.

Link in replies, in case of kinja.

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