Here's a hump the Chinese people (not all of them, those who hate the Japanese) need to get over: They need to get over the fact that, yes, Japan exists.

They're not going to be eliminated.

The Chinese government is not going to launch an attack that will wipe Japan out. Not over a small chain of islands; not for any other reason.

Anyone who believes otherwise is living in a fantasyland, and are working themselves up for nothing but disappointment.

The earth is too interconnected for such rash actions.

If China attacks Japan, America and NATO will respond, and we'll have another World War on our hands.

No one wants that, least of all China's leadership, who despite allowing the anti-Japanese sentiment to run rampant (if people are distracted by Japan they tend forget about the myriad problems of their own country), wants to be a global leader. Not a conqueror.

If they started a war, China would be alone; as alone as Japan ended up in WWII. And going it alone would be a huge step backward for China.

What happens when you go it alone in this interconnected world of cooperation? North Korea. Economic ruin, famine, malaise and deprivation.

There is also glory and pride in North Korea, you can't fill stomachs, wallets or magazines with glory and pride.

War between China and Japan isn't going to happen, period. It would be bad for everyone. Those who want it to had best stick to playing Civilization. Seeking anger management therapy couldn't hurt, either.