...Speaking of Miatas, I would rock these all the way to Radwood!

Rays-Mazdaspeed MS-03 wheels. SPLIT-THREE-SPOKE WHEELS. I would totally buy these if it weren’t for the fact shipping alone adds 60% to the buying price. Shipping is $400 and the wheels alone are $683 according to eBay.

They appear to have been painted/dipped/powercoated bronze as they’re typically seen with a silver finish and the back of the spokes show it. Looks like it’ll need to be refinished if they want to be brought back to their original appearance!


Born in ‘95, perfect for a NA but I bet they would look hella-sweet on my NB2!

Illuminati confirmed.


Rays did a lot of different wheels for Mazdaspeed in the 90s, the MS-01 and it’s variants:


Holy crap there’s a set of MS-01S wheels for sale on eBay but they’re 1.25k$ to my door and one of them has been curbed! They only weight 9.25 pounds.

There’s the MS-02, which you might’ve seen on Initial D’s 4th Stage on a certain yellow RX-7 before it crashed. Oppo Justin Young captured one a while back being rocked on a clean green FD. 


As far as I know, the MS (Mazdaspeed) series ended with the MS-03 and there was only one NB Miata rocking them right but apparently the owner switched them out.


I would would take those bronze ones and have them refinished with navy blue spokes and a polished lip or bronze/gold with a polished lip.

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