...we never got around to checking out a Honda Pilot yesterday. We went to a Jeep dealer because she loved the Liberty she drove into the ground, and she really liked the Patriot. I was doubtful, because it has so much in common with the Compass I didn’t care for (except as a rally course car). Though it’s not one of the best rated SUVs out there, it reminds her a lot of her Liberty, both in how it looks and how it drives. It feels a lot more solid than the Compass, and doesn’t whine about doing everything. I think the car we drove was a High Latitude with the 2.0 motor, but she can afford a fully loaded Patriot with the 2.4 for about the same as an entry level Pilot or other model in that larger class. It’ll do everything we want except tow a rally car, but we won’t be ready to try that for at least a few years anyway.

We also test drove a Cherokee. Meh. I mean, the extra $5000 over a loaded Patriot buys a LOT. The Patriot is an 8 year old design, while the Cherokee feels new. But the Patriot feels like a Jeep, while the Cherokee feels like a jacked up car with a million gadgets we don’t really need. It just didn’t feel right to us, while the Patriot did. I don’t get it, but that’s how it is.

So there’s a pretty good chance we’ll be looking for one once her settlement comes through. At least we know it’ll work for rally.