Formula E is getting ready to kick off its first season this year. It has to be said, not even two weeks has passed since the Formula One Grand Prix in Melbourne. One of the hottest topics in open-wheel, single-seater racing on the consumer front recently is the soundtrack. F1 went quieter, Super Formula followed suit and the Internet blew up shouting "No Formula Hoover".

Formula E does not have any sound. Or at least not something you'd expect from a full-scale competition car. Formula One veteran Jarno Trulli tested the new, fully electric single seater that has only been showed doing some test and demonstration laps so far. The new video reveals some hot laps done with the lightning bolt racer:

It is without a doubt that the exclusively battery-powered car is very much an agile and able one for a quick lap or two, and possibly short stints of racing as well. There's no evidence to saying the races will be daft or boring. Electric cars proved to be very much competitive and exciting to watch in e.g. the electric division of the Andros Trophy.

Where you are hearing drifting sound, imagine tyre-squeals for Formula E and that is all you get, should be interesting to watch.

Whether one likes it or not, Formula E adds a new pages to competition. It's not necessarily the powertrain itself that makes it interesting, but the forced exposure. This enables Formula E not only to start a new chapter in motor racing, but possibly to open up a brand new volume. Whether the audience buys into it or not, should be another question - thus making it a best-seller or a complete failure -, the success (or the lack of it) of F-E could be an indicator of the future of the automotive industry.

As a reminder, here are the teams that already signed up to race:

Drayson Racing

China Racing

Andretti Autosport


Dragon Racing



Super Aguri




Mahindra Racing


Virgin Racing


Venturi Grand Prix


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