Back to DD duty from a recent flesh wound, click HERE. Quality is luck of the draw. There are always contradictions to any story. Sheeet breaks on every car. In my case, it’s the basic sheeet that has always been such a headache. I’ve owned 7 German cars and work with European cars for a living. THIS will be my last car from Europe.

File photos


ahhhh.... sooo fanacyyyy and German engineeryyy like they say on Top Gear!

LOL and all for what? Only about pinches 150hp to all of the “QUATTRO” wheels. LOL nevermore!!!


Things I done did:

  • Remove entire front end
  • Head Gaskets (bolts, spark plug seals, etc.)
  • Timing chain tensioner gaskets (again)
  • Timing belt, idler pully, tensioner
  • Cam and crank seals
  • Water pump
  • Valve cover gaskets
  • Coil cables
  • Secondary Air pump and hoses
  • Oil cooler hoses
  • Radiator
  • Upper radiator hose
  • RF CV axle boots
  • Put front end back together

Let me tell you all again that NO car is “complicated” to work on. It’s all just nuts, bolts, parts, and fluids. Working on cars is a lot easier than most people think. Even brand new cars like some of us here work on for a living and for some time. People seem to glorify European cars as these works of art by mechanical wizards. LOL NOPE!!! Oh and that thing about “they over engineered *insert part*” lol that is a bunch of bologna also. There are fully loaded executive cars and there are ecoboxes. I personally do not believe one is not mechanically superior to the other.


There is equal, if not more plastic in the German cars i’ve owned than any ecocar usually clowned on round these parts lol. But who cares? Who is really driving around smug as SHIT! about the interior materials and the amount of steering feel. Relax people, you’re super cool, happy?

In closing, I would just like to say that i’m glad my clumsy wagon is back and running slow as ever and smooth as huevos. I’ve going to miss that 2015 Ford Escape rental. That ecoboost is incredible, fuel efficient ($20 every week and a half of heavy DD’ing), quicker than my 95 M3 for sure, smooth, comfy, lots of tech, and fun to drive around. Basically everything my Audi A6 Avant QUATTRO isn’t lol.


I am not comparing new cars to old cars. Not bashing European cars. Not hating on anything. Ya’ll know me. I like all cars, defend all cars, and car culture. Without any true specific reasons, my European car purchasing from now on is no more. I will DD the Krieg Wagen for a good long while. Especially in the mud!!! As for the future....i’m on team Jayhawk Jake. I want my C6! Light body, solid powertrain, America.

I’ll be turning 30 next year. It should be possible by then *finger’s crossed* But not if I have to keep dumping money on this wagon*


*doing all the work and buying parts at very good prices. Gotta pay to play I suppose.