Speaking of waybacks.

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This is maybe my favorite sketch of all time. Memorial Day weekend, 2001.

Headed from Detroit, to Ohio, then to Austria, for my first internship, here. Sitting with my grandmother and little sister, in my grandparents’ then 160-year-old house, on occasion of gram’s 80th birthday.


Tools: Pentel RSVP, medium, blue. Still my favorite ballpoint.

One of my assignments to get the intersnship was to design a new VW Golf, especially for the NA market. So (as you can see in the scribble, “Golf X Jeep”), I drew this retractable-roof, slightly-lifted, and clean-sided funmobile.


Remember, this was in May, 2001. Happy people, going wherever they wanted to go, and wearing shades because the future was so bright.

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