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SPECIAL Vehicle Collector!

So I just learned about a special kind of license plate in that Wisconsin will issue to anyone owning one or more vehicles registered with a Collector plate(the 25 year old car, only 9 months out of the year, never expires plate) like the one I have on my Rabbit.

If you have one of these plates on one or more of your vehicles you can buy a special plate for your daily driver that says “Vehicle Collector”so you can let the plebs know you have more than one car, and one of them is old, and probably broken.


It provides no advantages but it does cost an extra 15 bucks upfront, and will have the same numbers as your collector plate. I guess having matching license plate numbers would be kinda cool.


I also just found out that you can get collector plates on a Motorcycle which you’d only be riding March-October anyway, on a good year. So I’ll have to keep that in mind. Most of the bikes I’m looking at are older than 95 anyway. 

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