Special workshop tools for 204

I managed to find a bunch of Fenwick’s special workshop tools for a Peugeot 204 (or 304). I found these from Germany. One set is used for the clutch, one for brake calipers and two for front wheels hubs. My workshop manual doesn’t cover the brake caliper set or the second set for front hubs, so I have yet no idea what to do with them. There appears to be several extra items that have been thrown in the sets.

The sets had some surface rust but they were mostly in good condition. One bearing puller had a long special bolt with badly damaged thread, but I should get it replaced with a long piece of hard M20x1.5 mm threaded rod. The mating threads seemed to be still good.


A lot of these exist for various tasks. They only contain “special tools” and you also need the normal hand tools (wrenches, sockets, extentions etc) to use these.

Peugeot used pretty weird technical solutions with 204s, so you actually do need a lot of special tools to work with them. Fenwick was their tool supplier for special tools, but Facom is referred in workshop manuals for most non-special hand tools.

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