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gots me a bike today...

Thank you Craigslist. It’s a bit rough, but nothing that can’t be salvaged as of yet. The rear hub looks a bit loose, and the front makes a bit of an odd creak, but everything feels pretty solid. Also needs the shifters sorted, but it’s too hot to go through all that at the moment. It’s like a dryer full of wet towels out there right now. After that, it’s time to figure out how to ride a full suspension bike.


Updates: After an hour or two:

Rear derailleur bracket was way loose. Tightened it up, seems to want to stay in gear now!

Rear hub? Bearing good, freehub, kinda crunchy. Related, that is one big ass hex wrench required to get the cassette loose. Sadly, so big and ass that I do not have one. Will have to go get one.

That’s as far as I will get today. Too many humidities and mosquitoes to make any decent progress.


Day four. I have now been sucked so dry of blood the mosquitos now think of me as some sort of confusing branch or stump, and are no longer interested. Also, said big ass hex is 12mm, and I now have one. I am also convinced that whoever assembled it is the same person responsible for placing Excaliber in the stone. Three feet of breaker bar and it didn’t even flinch. If I ever get that thing loose, I may be in line for the Throne.

Fork now rebuilt, it wasn’t in too bad shape. Oil was low, but not really ugly. I also took about 10 links out of the chain, and can now use the low gears, so thats good. Also, ad noted that he had just replaced the cassette, and yes, it was new but it was also an 8 speed when the original was 9. Luckily in my magic parts box I had a 8 speed shifter, so I replaced the 9 for the moment.

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