Speck of Light Appears in the Tunnel

Seems like such a small event, but rolling the car off the trailer into the garage is a BIG step in my life.


Getting it off the trailer took two since I don't have a winch on yet and the car is basically a rolling shell with some driveline bits bolted in. I had to hold it with the brakes while my 13yo unhooked the tie downs and then roll back into the garage. I only had one chance to do it right, because pushing 4000# around by hand would suck at best. The good news is that it rolled back exactly where I wanted it.

Peeking out into the garage this morning before work washed away all of the Mondays. Having it available to work on is going to inspire me to be a lot more productive.

Just a quick background: This is a Florida car that I bought in 2010 just before we moved back to Pittsburgh. I gussied it up to get it through the emissions inspection and intended to drive it around while I prepared for it's transformation. Two opti-sparks later and only about 200-300 miles, it mostly sat.

My previous car was a 1995 Caprice that I autocrossed and was a pretty fun car in the street. Here is one of my favorite pics of that car on course:


Here are both cars together the day I bought the Impala SS:


In 2011, I demodded the Caprice and sold it. Now, all the parts need to be transferred onto the Impala SS. The goal is to have it ready to run when the snow clears.

Quick rundown of the most interesting bits:

  • 395" LT1 with AFR Heads
  • Solid roller cam
  • 24x LS1 PCM conversion
  • T56 6-speed
  • Full length 4-1 headers with 3"dual exhaust
  • Carbon fiber prop shaft
  • 4.11:1 gears
  • 9.5"x17" front/11"x17" rear ZR-1 street wheels
  • 11"x17" front and rear ZR-1 street wheels
  • 13" TCE brakes with 4-piston Wilwood calipers on all 4 corners
  • Solid tubular control arms everywhere, adjustable uppers in rear.
  • 950 lb/in front springs
  • Coil over rear shocks/springs

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