Im forecasting an 80% chance of you not knowing what to call that new Mercedes in front of you in 2018. But if you will follow me into this rabbit hole I’ll help you get a headstart on what Mercedes is about to do with AMG. Come fam, let’s rustle some chimneys.

*Before you start I would like to recommend you go have a quick glance at the Mercedes line-up. Can list the S550, S600, S63, S65, Maybach S550, and Maybach S600 in order of pricing? Can you tell why the upcoming Maybach S650 Coupe is a “650” and not a “600?” Think about how often you see the “AMG” styling on the cars versus the “Luxury” styling. When the

This is an E-Class

Mercedes “-Benz” vs. “-AMG” vs. “-Maybach”

  • All products utilizing efficiency-focused diesel, hybrid, plug-in hybrid, electric, or other alternative power sources will be under the banner of Mercedes-Benz.
  • All products using performance-focused gasoline and hybrid/electric powertrains will be under the Mercedes-AMG branding.
  • Mercedes-Maybach will be a luxury and technology spec added to top level AMG powertrains.


In this way Mercedes “-Benz” denotes efficiency and driver technology, Mercedes “-AMG” denotes performance, and Mercedes “-Maybach” denotes the full shabang of luxury (especially driver focused amenities and technology).

Mercedes-AMG Model Designations

  • AMG 4-Cyl models under 300 hp will receive numbers 30 and 33.
  • AMG 4-Cyl models over 300 hp will receive numbers 40, 43, and 45.
  • AMG 6-Cyl models will receive numbers 50 and 55
  • AMG 8-Cyl models will receive number 63.
  • AMG 12-Cyl models will receive number 65.

All current gasoline models will be converted to this scheme, moving away from Mercedes-Benz brand and into the Mercedes-AMG subbrand. This means your Benz C300 would become an AMG C33. Why not AMG C30? Because there is one more performance gas engine below the current C300. Imagine the following:

AMG 30-Class

  • AMG 30 - 2.0T I4 rated 200 hp / 250 lb-ft.
  • AMG 33 - 2.0T I4 rated 250 hp / 275 lb-ft.

AMG 40-Class

  • AMG 40 - 2.0T I4 rated 300 hp / 300 lb-ft.
  • AMG 43 - 2.0T I4 rated 350 hp / 350 lb-ft.
  • AMG 45 - 2.0T I4 rated 390 hp / 380 lb-ft.
  • * AMG 45 S - 2.0T I4 rated 410 hp / 410 lb-ft.

AMG 50-Class

  • AMG 50 - 3.0T I6 rated 400 hp / 400 lb-ft.
  • AMG 55 - 3.0T I6 rated 450 hp / 450 lb-ft.

AMG 60-Class

  • AMG 63 - 4.0T V8 rated 500 hp / 510 lb-ft.
  • *** Maybach 500 - 4.0T V8 rated 500 hp / 510 lb-ft.
  • AMG 63 S - 4.0T V8 rated 570 hp / 550 lb-ft.
  • *** Maybach 550 - 4.0T V8 rated 570 / 550 lb-ft.
  • AMG 63 R - 4.0T V8 rated 620 hp / 630 lb-ft.
  • AMG 63 RS - 4.0T V8 rated 690 hp / 640 lb-ft.
  • — “Black Series” to be very exclusive track editions. —

AMG V12-Class

  • *** Maybach 600 - 6.0T V12 rated 600 hp / 650 lb-ft.
  • AMG 65 - 6.0T V12 rated 650 hp / 710 lb-ft.
  • *** Maybach 650 - 6.0T V12 rated 620 / 730 lb-ft.

Have a look at any gas-only Mercedes model (including SL-, CL-, and GL-Classes). Whatever power figure the car currently makes will end up being renamed and moved to something similar to this list. Yes, this means the current GLE 63 would gain 20 hp and become the future GLE 63S. If you’d like me to name a model lineup make a request in the comments.


The attritubutes you consider as essential to being a “Mercedes” will be present in all the subbrands. The -Benz part will mean you are getting something tech focused (focused on driver assistance, ride sharing, and efficiency). Again, any power source outside gas-only or performance-hybrids will be denoted as a Mercedes-“Benz.” The -AMG subbranding will be the personality and performance of the group while retaining the attributes of the parent “Mercedes” brand. The -Maybach mixes both together so that you end up with -AMG power plus -Benz technology plus an exaggeration of the “Mercedes” brand attritubutes.

This is part of my continuous series of brand speculations. I promise I’ll write a post relatively soon explaining the evolution to consumer perceptions and how automakers will need to react if they wish to keep relevance. It’s a huge subject that I think everyone here will enjoy. Until then though, if Mercedes doesn’t separate their subbranding in this way RIGHT NOW, then they are going to lose all of the ground they gained over the last 2 years.


*I’ll do one of these for BMW as well, don’t worry...err, perhaps feel free to start worrying?