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"Speed Alone" To Blame For Paul Walker Crash

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A source close to the investigation has told the AP that "speed and speed alone" are being looked at as the cause of the crash that killed Paul Walker and an associate on November 30th.


The investigators have completely ruled out mechanical failure, road debris or any other interference with the car, and surprisingly have also said that the car did not crash during the sharp curve in the road, as previously speculated.

"They were well out of the curve when they lost control," the official said.

It was also reported that the three onboard data recorders survived the fire intact, and they will be asking Porsche for assistance in retrieving the information, which will let investigators know if the passengers were wearing seat belts, and if the driver used the brakes before losing control.


The investigator did not provide a current speed estimate, and said that specialists were still working on reconstructing the accident based on all available data.

Original story via NBC

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