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Speedhunters took down the Mid Night Lamborghini crash article

Which Lamborghini crash? The white modified Countach that wrecked a track day. This one. You can still see preview-sized images of the crash if you Google it.


I guess they removed it out of respect for the owner..maybe the Mid Night Club itself? Is the Mid Night Club even active anymore? I understand and respect why they did it...but’s a little too late to pull a punch once the cat’s out of the bag. It’s not going to stop people from posting their own pictures on platforms like Instagram, Tumblr, and etc. Speak of Tumblr, someone does has pictures of it. This crash did happen at what appears to be an open track day, there’s going to be spectators with camera phones...especially if a modified Countach with Mid Night stickers shows up.

No point in hiding the truth. The driver(s) (he was passing another car on the inside into the turn) ran out of skill, something broke, or shit happens. At least he crash his modified Countach on a track and not on the public expressways doing 300+ kph. Stuff is going to happen on track given enough time, drivers, and horsepower. If anything, at least the owner/driver was responsible enough to bring it to a track.

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