Whenever I read something like this, or like this, there's always that same point that everyone seems to agree on: "it's okay to speed if you're on a country road".

I live on a country road, so do my dogs, my wife, my neighbours and their children, their cat, horses that occasionally get out and wander down the road, ... I could go on. I hear many stories of family pets hit by cars. I've seen cars stuck in ditches on peoples properties.


See I don't just live on any country road, I live on one that is known in many car clubs as a cruise road. It's twisty and beautiful. Every day I get motorcycle clubs, balding men in Ferrari's, punk kids in civics and even once during a massive snow storm a Subaru TSD rally driving by my house. To be honest I usually love it, (a lotus 7 drove by just the other day) but just going for a cruise is completely different than driving angry.

So from all of us that live in the country, take your racing to the track. It is not okay to speed when you're in the country. There may be less cars but there are lots of other things that you can never expect. It's a different life style from the city. A walk down the street to visit a neighbour is on the road because there are no side walks and sometimes a family pet is tagging along.

That's it ... I'm sure I'll get some negative comments. The speed limit on country roads are usually fast enough to enjoy the drive or ... take it to the track. I can say from experience you'll have more fun there wheel to wheel racing.

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