Got a ticket for 45 in a 35 just outside Yale. The sign for 45 was in sight but since I hadn’t passed it yet they pulled me over and wrote me up. I was extremely polite, cooperative, and communicative, and my record is clean, but they needed the income I guess. I guess I looked dangerous too, they made me step out and gave me a patdown, plus a pretty intense grilling about why I was acting nervous. “Because I don’t want a ticket and I don’t want to be late to work” didn’t seem good enough. Ended up outright telling the guy if he needed to breathalyze me or search the vehicle that he had my full and willing consent. Full disclosure: I’m white so this was out of the ordinary for me. Just on here to ask if, in your experience, your insurance returns to normal rate after completing a defensive driving course. It would take my record back to 0 points but didn’t know if “2-2" was the same as “0" in most insurance company’s eyes. If so I’ll just pay the damn thing and take the course, if not I’ll probably hire a lawyer and see what else can be done. Speed was determined by pacing so no radar gun calibration arguments unfortunately. Thanks much in advance

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