Got a letter from 5-0 in Brandenburg (it’s a flyover state, if such a thing exists in Germany) today, inquiring who piloted my vehicle while it was clocked doing 129 in a 100 zone on some Autobahn. I was a bit surprised. 10 over the limit? Yeah, that sounds like me, but 29 over including the deduction (they admit that their equipment is only 9x,x % accurate, so they automatically deduct 2-3 kph or 2-3 %) is weird. Admittedly, I was in a bit of a hurry on that trip, so it’s not completely impossible. Maybe, I just didn’t notice the signs. There are parts where they switch from 100 to 120 to 80 to 120 every few kms, so whatever.

I immediately hit the googles to see how bad it is, and if there is a suspension of my license heading my way. € 80, 1 point on my license, no suspension. 30-49 over would be € 120, 1 point, no suspension. 40 over gets you a 1 month pit stop. I think that this is still rather reasonable.

They made the system “harder” about a year ago. I can now only get 8 points on my license. As my old points have loooong been erased (I got points three times now, always 5-10 years apart), there’s nothing to worry about.

Also, keep in mind that this doesn’t affect my insurance at all. Speeding tickets or even points on the license don’t get reported to insurance companies and therefore don’t affect premiums.