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Spending Money

On another manual vehicle

Just ordered a Shoei Qwest in anthracite.... Does that give you a hit towards what I am going to buy?

That is right. I am rejoining the 2 wheel master race. I haven’t had a bike in years, but my coworker just bought a new ‘17 Yamaha FZ07 and one of our vendors/coworker’s friend and him go riding and I have a few friends that ride and I miss it. So a new helmet was needed regardless of what bike I get.

So now I am sure Oppo wants to know what bike I am looking at...

Well a 2007 Buell XB12SS Lightning Long

Disregard the seat cover. I can only imagine it is there for “your pleasure”

This beautiful naked bike is powered by the Harley Davidson from the Sportster, though saying that is is the same motor is like saying your 6.0L in your pickup is the same as an LS2. It just isn’t the same. Tuned for more power and more preformance.


This beautiful 1203cc V-Twin produces 103 hp @6800 and 84 ft-lbs @6000. And what a noise from a sport bike

So now just to save a few more pennies and pick up a nice used example. I am quite excited

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