I don’t drive the Fiero nearly as much as I used to. Stuck between the carbureted charms of the Lancia and the modern low mileage 500 Abarth it kind of occupies a strange place in my fleet. A broken headlight from hitting a deer awhile ago probably contributes a bit too...

It’s not entirely unexpected, one of the reasons for getting the Fiat was to keep wear and tear to a minimum since it’s getting up there in age and miles. I still love it, oddly enough I get more comments on the Fiero than anything else when I’m out and about. it’s the best highway cruiser in the fleet (quietest one too) and I honestly believe the GT name fits perfectly. It’s just that when nice driving days come back in the spring I know my go to car will be the Scorpion.

The Lancia is old enough that it feels like you’re driving in a different time. The Fiero is just new enough that it feels modern despite being 30 years old. You don’t have to worry about it, it starts no matter what.

Sorry, just rambling. I’m not a writer just enjoyed time with a car a hadn’t driven in too long.