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Spent Saturday Fixing Things!

My e46 had needed new front rotors since I’ve bought her - they were slightly warped, but there’s so much brake material left that I figured I’d just need new rotors. So yesterday, I replaced them. It was a super easy process, and my first time tearing into brakes.

The hardest part was the set screw on the driver’s side, that required a torch and some real muscle to get off. Got everything back together, and now i’m amazed at how smooth this thing drives. There’s no more movement in the steering wheel at all at speed, which is a godsend.

Illustration for article titled Spent Saturday Fixing Things!
Illustration for article titled Spent Saturday Fixing Things!

I AM going to have to do a rebuild on the driver’s side front caliper, since one of the rubber boots is slipping off, but I’m going to push that to next weekend since it’s going to rain today, and I left my jack stands & jack at a buddy’s.

Bonus: After we changed my rotors, we fixed a busted sway bar link on my friend’s ‘08 Vibe, eliminating the clunking noise he’s been having.

It’s the little wins...

Next up: Figuring out why when the car is WARM I get a hard shift from Reverse to Drive. I’m going to do the tranny fluid soon, just crossing my fingers it’s not a busted U Joint. The car shifts massively smooth otherwise, just that slack from reverse to drive when it’s warm is what’s giving a kick.

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