First of all daily meeting challenge "I managed to reference Carolina Squat during a lunch meeting". My mom brought me along on a couple of her meetings, I was just in the city to see her, I arrived Thursday and she still had a couple scheduled on Friday.

Anyway, saw some awesome stuff! Of course the Rocky Statue, the multitude of historical buildings, the Liberty Bell, Chinatown and Reading Terminal Market (one of my favorite places while there). Also had a beer at Independence Beer Garden (love the Yards Pale Ale), had a great steak at Rouge and had a great experience at a Korean restaurant in Olney.

Car wise, you ask? Well. I saw a Lambo (which one is it?), also a TON of Jaguar XF's for some reason. On the way back I saw a Beetle with a racing stripe driven by an attractive young lady at 10+ over the speed limit. I'm amazed I didn't see her by the side of the road later for speeding, Ohio and PA are very ticket happy, so I did the speed limit till I hit Michigan. Which was funny, crossing the Michigan border is paired with a collective stomp on the go-pedal, because everyone is comfortable with 9 over.


Also of note my '10 SHO managed its best tank (Fuelly) at 28.1 MPG.