Spicy Tacos

So this is of no interest to anyone but me and maybe a handful of others but I had a nagging question regarding something with the chevy and Toyota midsized trucks (Z71 Colorado quad short vs TRD off road Tacoma quad short).

Its always bugged me when people bitch and moan about the seating position in the Tacoma being on the floor. Yes, it is, but it serves a purpose, and now I can show it, thanks to neighboring dealerships and my Leica Disto.


These are all inches to the ground measures. (Disto set to 1/8th in precision)

  • From the bottom of the door sill
  • From the bottom of the pinch weld
  • From the bottom of the frame under the door
  • From the bottom of the floor pan
  • The lowest crossmember (t-case shield on the Colorado, exhaust on the Tacoma)
  • From the lowest part of the front (I admit a cheap shot)

The Toyota is 70.6 inches high, vs 70.7 for the Colorado, so why is the seat lower to the floor in the Tacoma? Well it boils down to having 2 inches less body and 2 inches more ground clearance; Its up to you to decide which one is more important to you.

As an aside, I got to test drive the new Tacoma and the ride is great, the brakes are great, the steering is great and the engine has power...so long as you rev it. Its really wimpy below 3000, which is strange for me since 3000 is the heart of my engines power band. Driving the Tacoma required similar throttle inputs to the cruiser, but where the Taco would kickdown, reach for the VVTi zones and rev, my truck just moos a little louder and moved forward, almost never shifting. Different strokes.

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