(On unrelated note, I also rode this thing, and it was interesting)

It occurred to me, when I rode a small elevator with a large pizza box in my hands. Holding it horizontally, I was pressed against elevator’s corner.


This is where I realized that pizza industry is trapped in the stone age, overlooking technological advancements of our time. So, here are a few steps that will change pizza deliveries and thus our lives forever:

1. Pizzas must be redesigned, so they could be rolled and un-rolled like carpets, without damage. That is the hardest part here, it’s actually so difficult I won’t even try to illustrate it with my modest MS Paint skills, but once solved...

2. Pizza boxes will become tubular and long, not rectangular and flat.


3. Since there is already a technology for softly landing a rocket on its ass, we can utilize small reusable ballistic rockets missiles for rolled pizza delivery systems.


4. Or, at least, built miniature pizza dedicated hyperloop systems (Too obvious to draw)

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