When the "Spindle" fad first hit the scene, I thought it was dumb. It looked like a kid stuffed too many M&Ms in his mouth, and was about to burst. I will still say it's not my favorite automotive trend, but one company has made it work and one has not. Let's take a look:

Lexus: They made a statement about where they were going with the brand. Love it or hate it, the wide mouth bass spindle was coming. Often though, concept cars look great, while their production counterparts lose that edge.

It was not until MY2012 that the public got a chance to purchase the first iteration of the spindle. The Lexus GS was the first to adopt the new corporate face:

The stable mates were close behind with the ES and LS showing a spindle face in the MY2013:


And finally, Lexus has finished their range of non-performance cars with the IS for MY2014:


In order to complete the corporate look, they did not stop at the car line, and went about Ctrl-C > Ctrl-V to all the SUVs:


You can tell Lexus wanted a strong showing with their first spindle, the GS, but the design wasn't quite as edgy in the first iteration. Combine that with the next two designs of the LS and ES (which have always been quite conservative), and you can see the spindle got off to a slow start. Then the IS entered the scene with a design that took the car company outside of their comfort zone, it had some of that edge from the concept car, it was different and it looks fantastic.

Stay tuned for Part 2 - Infinity, coming soon.