I had been waiting for a good sale on this game for a while now. Picked it up yesterday for $17.99 CDN (reg. $29.99 CDN). The sale lasts until 10 AM Friday PST.

It's definitely worth the $18, but I'm glad that I didn't pay full price. The learning curve is steep, and not just because the vehicles are difficult to drive in these conditions. The game just throws you into a random map, with very little indication of what you're supposed to do or how to do it. Even the camera took me hours to figure out.

One of my few successes is shown above. That little UAZ 469 just rescued the KrAZ 255 that I high-centered on the bank while wedged between two trees.

More often, I end up stuck or rolled over. I've only delivered two small loads of lumber, and I've lost three loads because I rolled the truck over, killing the engine (and thus the PTO winch) and destroying the truck.


Yes, that is a 100% destroyed truck with a lost load, barely out of the lumber loading yard.

Anyway, if you don't mind figuring stuff out on your own via trial-and-error, you like to methodically plan every turn of your wheel, and have a lot of patience, it's actually a lot of fun!