Spirit of Le Mans '76

Looking for one thing, found this. John Greenwood's Spirit of Le Mans '76 Corvette.

The story about how the car got to Le Mans is pretty interesting. I guess John Greenwood was about the only car owner ever to be paid to bring his car to Le Mans. In 1976 there was the fuel crisis and not many cars were signed-up. This was affecting projected attendance so one of the organizers, who had helped John in 1973, called him up and solicited some of that raucous North American iron. John's cars were always a bit hit with their big blocks and flag motif.


Dat Ass!

There are a few interesting stats on the Le Mans car but, unfortunately, there was not a whole lot of press coverage in the US. Also, because the car was a late entry, there is not much in the official program about it. I know that It did a 215.6 down the Le Mans straight. That engine was another Gary Smith (Carolina Racing Engines) product. It qualified 8th on the grid but did not finish. The magazines of the day reported that the car experienced damage to the fuel cell and that caused its withdrawal from the race.

The Le Mans car is much wider than the Sebring car and the wings on back are really tremendous. They work. We also "built-up" the engine a little on this car while it was being pulled apart.


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