I didn’t fire up the Esprit last night. Too busy cleaning out the shed that I need to rehash this fall. A post for another day, perhaps. I did, however, find time to plumb the electric fuel pump I got.

A little hose here, a little power wire to the battery there, and a looooong stretch of wire to and from a switch on the ground circuit so I can crank the ignition from the driver’s seat (or lack thereof) and turn on and off the pump as needed. I was going to wire the ignition and pump in the engine bay to make starting it easier, but this way feels more... authentic? I dunno. If I need to spray prime the carb while cranking to get it to fire I’ll figure that part out later. Maybe enlist the help of a friend.


I did easily remove the stock fuel filter last night though. It came off easy and was surprisingly clean, and the dribble of gas that came out didn’t smell as bad as I thought it would.

I’m starting to think that though it was parked for a very long time, someone may have tried to get it running, or had it running quite recently.


I won’t have time tonight before it gets dark, but tomorrow.... we may hear 301ci of power roar to life.

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