(SPOILERS AHEAD) I found my horn button.

All is well in the world now.

So.... I found it by digging through the boxes of parts (not breadsticks) getting door stuff ready to put glass in the doors, and the doors on the car. I have a few choices for hinges:

I was also looking for things I would need to mount... things to the car. Mainly bolts for stuff. I found some.


But when I found the bag of “spoiler nuts” I decided on the next course of action.



I was going to put on the rear bumper and tail lights to complete the look, but I have ONE bumper nut, only 4 washers (need 8), and 0 speed nuts to hold on the tail lights. Guess it’s time to go shopping... I also need to order door/window weatherstrips if I want to keep it weather tight during the move. Plus I need them eventually anyways.


I also need window weld/silicone to hold the back window in. Right now it’s just resting in place.

Oh! Funny story! After I bought the car my wife bought me wiper blades as a joke because I put “Trans Am Parts” on my Xmas list. She literally went to Wal-Mart, plugged in “1977 Pontiac Trans Am” to the wiper blade computer thing, and got me 2 18" RainX blades.

BUT, searching though all the boxes of parts last night I realized although I have a wiper motor, linkage, and new blades.... I DON’T HAVE WIPER ARMS.