Spoiler! So stop reading if you haven’t seen it....

Pay very close attention to the time stamp of the video above... and the front end of the Volvo in the distance.... Got it? Okay, now do the same below:


That’s right! Even after Chris Harris’ rant about continuity errors in movies, there was a BLATANT one in the show he is in, WITH HIS OWN CAR!

Now maybe it was a gag, relating back to the joke about the change in wheels of the BMW 5ers in Ronin he so expressly pointed out, or the “too new” cars in that movie that only British people have probably seen (so British I forgot the name of it), but maybe it was an editing error? They perhaps accidentally used some footage of the Volvo pre-accident AFTER the scene with the accident and subsequent repairs.

All in all it was a VERY good episode, I just thought it was odd they made such an obvious blunder in an otherwise enjoyable show.