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So we’re out running errands and have a little date afterwards. We probably spent four hours in the car overall. After dinner, she shifts in her seat and asks, “Do you want know what it’s like in the passenger seat?”


“No, I’ve sat there be— wait.... are you saying you want to drive this?”


My wife is not a car person. Of the cars I’ve owned, and the several I’ve borrowed, my wife has NEVER ever ever asked to drive any of them. Not my Integra, not my dad’s MDX, not our old roommates Mustang, nothing.



I pull over and we do the Chinese Fire Drill. We cruise for 10 minutes and she has this shit-eating grin on her face.


“What do you think?”

“This is great!”

“Give it a little gas... Little more.”


“Oh shit! Haha!”

“Nice huh?”

“Do you think that’s a cop down there?”

“No, that’s a Yukon.”



In the 4-banger household, the inline-6 is king.

“You know this car looks low, it looks small, but it’s so roomy inside...”

“I know, right?”

Although I just realized that she will probably try to take it as often she can for herself... NOOOOOOOOOOO


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