Borsuq, from here on Oppo recently told me about a Youtube Channel I’ve never heard of by a Russian who goes by the tag MegaRetr - think of him like the SaabKyle04 of Russia. He reviews a lot of interesting cars to those of us in Europe and the Americas, as many of them are Russian or Chinese that we don’t get here....some are classic, awesome Russian rides, or newer Chinese and Russian rides that are....of questionable quality.

Take this one for example - the 2013 TagAZ Aquila. Just watch the video and bask in it.....greatness...? This ‘sports car’ features such luxurious parts as a Chevy Lacetti instrument cluster, Mitsubishi 1.6L 4-cyl with 106 raging horsepower, and other astonishing features! :P

Speaking of quality, check out the gap between the window/mirror switches and the door trim at 12mins, 5secs.....quality craftsmanship! ;)