With all this talk of the Stinger lately, it got me thinking of our lack of non-luxury sport sedans. I would say the Legacy GT filled this gap for a while, and GM has made a few efforts. But other than that, it seems like this is dead zone. Every car that focuses on driving, seems to be a luxury offering, and every car that focuses on value is an unispired economy car (Camry and the entire mid-sized sedan segment). This got me thinking:

Are there any non-luxury cars that hold 4 adults and are fun to drive? Preferably RWD (AWD ok), over 300 HP, fun in the corners, and not a barge like the charger/300. Basically, a non-luxury brand 335 m-sport / S4 / C400.

Photo: Top Speed

Target price would be under 30k with low miles on used cars and no older than 2013 (to get some modernish tech)

The only cars I can think of are the Stinger (in a few years) and STi. The SS is still over 30 and the G8 seems too old. A good auto/DSG is ok. What am I obviously missing? And I’m not counting hot hatches.

A stinger for your time:

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