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Sporty surf wagon?

Dearest Oppo,

I currently drive a Focus ST and love it. But I’m thinking ahead to the near future, which may contain children, and wondering if there’s a perfect car out there that can do all the things I’d like a car to do:

-Have a manual transmission (preferably).

-Be autocross-able & reasonably fun to daily drive.

-Fit a surfboard up to 8' long inside without completely taking up the front passenger seat. (I use a roof rack on the ST without problem, but putting boards inside would be easier, and more secure for parking at the office, taking trips to Baja, etc.).


-Fit child seats (not necessarily at same time as surfboard).

At this point, I don’t have the parking for 2 cars, so a 1-car solution would be ideal.

The best option would be a wagon or big sedan with fold-down rear seats.

Does this exist?


Porsche for your time

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