Spotify Traffic Jams

There I was not many days away from a road trip, through the mountains of southern Colorado into New Mexico and I thought to myself, I bet the traffic jams would be mighty nice for hitting the highways. Realizing that playing youtube videos from my phone would not only be impossible in some of the more hilly areas of my journey, it would be downright dangerous I started adding tracks to a Spotify list.

Now anyone could put tracks into a list, but I do take a bit of care when doing so.


Keen eyed Jalops will notice that there are some jams missing from the playlist, this is due to licensing and Spotify just not having the track. On days when I can not find a jam, rather than just throwing in a random song I skip that day to keep the list true to its origins. I like Australian hip hop as much as the next guy, but some times, the songs just aren't there.

In the case of AC/DC or The Beatles who are not on Spotify (with the exception of a few songs that are a part of movie soundtracks) I will try to find a decent cover, if none can be found, I skip it.

As for the rest of the tracks, when I search I look for songs that have a similar sound to the traffic jam that was posted. If it was a live recording on Jalopnik, I try not to to put a digital remaster if there is a live version available. If there is album art on the youtube video, I try to find the track that has the same art.


Happy listening, may your actual traffic jams be few.

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