A few days ago, I spotted this 330i GT test car. Just as I was about to dig into my scrumptious halal meal, I noticed the Style 658 wheels on this GT (these wheels are not offered on this model, so I found it peculiar). Then I saw the camouflaging on the wheel caps, as well as the NJ manufacturer license plates, and realized that I was looking at some sort of prototype.

Meal in one hand and phone in the other, I rushed hurriedly to the sidewalk to capture a few shots of it. I promptly got laughed at.

Even as a lifelong BMW fanatic, I question what test car this may be. I initially thought it could be a facelift, but the LCI (BMW-speak for that ubiquitous term) already came out last year. As it is just a regular 330i GT (two exhaust pipes), it’s unlikely that they would be testing a lower-end powerplant such as that offered in the 320i. Plus, at this stage, the G20 prototypes are all covered in camouflage. Anyone have ideas?

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