Was headed downtown to see what all the hype was about Pokemon hunting at the ferry terminal and Harbourfront, when all of a sudden I came across the SLAMBO (VehicleDirect’s Huracan on Air Ride).

Oddly enough, I was meant to see this car at Ertefa earlier this month but it arrived a couple hours after I had left; still, seeing it in the wild was a nice surprise. Some bro in a jeep stopped and got out of his car (in the oncoming lane) to snap a pic, which unsurprisingly caused quite a cue of cars on Queen St W.

Anyways, here’s what the terminal looks like - you get the occasional rare spawn but it’s mostly an Evee and water-type hunting ground. Perfect for Magikarp farming, and the odd Dratini every hour. (Dragonite spawns at stupid hours of the day/night and I couldnt be bothered).


Two of my better catches of the night, though they were bound to be added to the Pokedex one way or another since I had enough candies to evolve both a Slowpoke and a Psyduck. 2SLO BRO is a throwback to a plate on an E92 M3 that I would always see on my way home.

But really my highlight of the nightwas just hatching this gem out of a 2KM egg, right as I arrived at the terminal. Anything after that point was just a bonus. (got an Onyx from my first 10KM egg).